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  • Week 1 STart (June 18-22):

    Three Esses: Sculpture, Sewing, Scores

    Sculpture Roll up your sleeves, get out your test tubes and grab a paintbrush because all week long we are going to combine the wonderful world of Art and Science. Not all working artists today work in traditional mediums, join me for a week of experimentation as we create sculptures, paintings, food and more using scientific experiments and methods. This week we will collaboratively on a group project and...

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  • Week 2 START (June 25-29):

    on|off: Books, Cooking and Synths

    Letters and Books This week will be filled with book making, story writing, and printing. Students will learn to construct a few simple book structures and fill one of them with silly rhymes, stories, and drawings. We will also use simple yet compelling relief printing methods to illustrate the covers. Artist: Anna Kingsley

    Cooking CAMPers dive into the bounty of summer, focusing on seasonal, local produce. Together we will...

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  • Week 3 START (July 2-6):

    Yum & Fun: Cooking, Sewing, Music

    Cooking In Kim’s class the students will dive into the bounty of summer,focusing on seasonal, local produce. Together we will explore the ways flavors of specific vegetables can explode, recede, or change all together depending on how we play with them. We will also think about food over time: how did these fruits and vegetables come to be in our classroom and how can we work with them...

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  • Week 4 START (July 9-13):

    Video, Avatars, Ukes

    Exquisite Corpse Video Working in small groups, each group will be given one part of a story to realize as a video; beginning, middle, or end. We will film each section without seeing what the other groups are doing, and at week’s end, we will premiere the result for all to enjoy! Artist: Selena Matranga

    Selfies & Avatars Campers will learn a variety of hand sewing techniques to make an anime...

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  • Week 5 STart (July 16-20):

    Out n’ About: Temporary Sculpture; Capoeira, Thingamakids

    Temporary Sculpture This week will be dedicated to the natural world around us. Campers will spend time outside of the classroom examining plants and trees, and searching for natural material to make art with. Students will also create temporary sculptures from objects they find during our outdoors adventures. Those sculptures will be documented by staff and then dismantled and all materials return to their original place. Artist:...

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  • Week 6 STart (July 23-27):

    Re-Imagine, Thingamakids, TBD

    Recycled Materials CAMPers bring new life to discarded materials like plastic, paper, wood, etc. as they learn to differentiate materials, solve problems surrounding each type of element, and techniques to interface various materials (adhesives, paints, finishes, etc.). CAMPers will apply these principles to practical or artistic projects of their choosing. Artist: Marina Caliari

    Hands On! - Thumb piano (aka Kalimba), Bass, and Percussion These days we have things like fidget spinners...

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  • Week 7 STart (July 30-August 3):

    Social Sculpture, Clay, Thingamakids

    Social Sculpture / Reduce Reuse Refurnish !! We will explore balance, weight, and aesthetics to construct unusual furniture out of used cardboard. By the end of the week we will have a banquet using the objects we’ve made. Artist: Selena Matranga

    CLAY Students will first learn about basic methods and techniques of hand-­‐building clay sculpture, like coil, slab, pinch, and free-­‐form. They will also learn on how to use molds...

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  • Week 8 STart (August 6-10):

    Cooking, Capoeira, Thingamakids

    Illustration! CAMPers will be introduced to the process, tools and technique for creating their own comic story as they learn about different text/ image relationships, panel to panel transitions, layout and panel structure. From writing, through sketching to inking, CAMPers will incorporate these concepts into their own creations and will follow this unique process to tap into their own creativity and explore new exciting ways to bring stories to life. Artist:...

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  • Week 9 STart (August 13-17):

    Cancelled for 2018

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