Week 8 STart (August 6-10):

Cooking, Capoeira, Thingamakids

Illustration! CAMPers will be introduced to the process, tools and technique for creating their own comic story as they learn about different text/ image relationships, panel to panel transitions, layout and panel structure. From writing, through sketching to inking, CAMPers will incorporate these concepts into their own creations and will follow this unique process to tap into their own creativity and explore new exciting ways to bring stories to life. Artist: Yael

Capoeira Capoeira is an Afro Brazilian Art form that combines Martial Arts/Dance/Gymnastics/Music and singing. CAMPers will get to let loose and take their shoes off (literally) while we explore this unique art form of Capoeira. We will be learning the fundamentals movements during this class in a fun environment. By the end of the week, your child will be fight/dancing, and doing cartwheels all the way home Capoeira Teacher: Contramestre Pincel

Thingamakids Through interactive maker workshops that incorporate music, movement, visual art and science, CAMPers gain a unique and well-rounded experience in creativity, collaboration and experimentation. CAMPers explore and learn to discover random treasures wherever they are; hand-create their own engaging instruments and sound props out of recycled materials, and delve into the magic of performance as they combine creativity, musical expression and storytelling.


STart CAMP is open to CAMPers entering grades 1-5

Capacity: 45-48 CAMPers