Week 6 STart (July 23-27):

Re-Imagine, Thingamakids, TBD

Recycled Materials CAMPers bring new life to discarded materials like plastic, paper, wood, etc. as they learn to differentiate materials, solve problems surrounding each type of element, and techniques to interface various materials (adhesives, paints, finishes, etc.). CAMPers will apply these principles to practical or artistic projects of their choosing. Artist: Marina Caliari

Hands On! - Thumb piano (aka Kalimba), Bass, and Percussion These days we have things like fidget spinners and phones to keep our hands busy, but once upon a time people used to also use their fingers to play musical instruments. This workshop series features building musical instruments such as a thumb piano, bass guitar, and percussion from recycled materials. Additionally, CAMPers will use their new musical contraptions in call and response games and be given opportunities to share simple song ideas with the class. Thingamakids

Project 3 : TBD


STart CAMP is open to CAMPers entering grades 1-5

Capacity: 45-48 CAMPers