Week 2 START (June 25-29):

on|off: Books, Cooking and Synths

Letters and Books This week will be filled with book making, story writing, and printing. Students will learn to construct a few simple book structures and fill one of them with silly rhymes, stories, and drawings. We will also use simple yet compelling relief printing methods to illustrate the covers. Artist: Anna Kingsley

Cooking CAMPers dive into the bounty of summer, focusing on seasonal, local produce. Together we will explore the ways flavors of specific vegetables can explode, recede, or change all together depending on how we play with them. We will also think about food over time: how did these fruits and vegetables come to be in our classroom and how can we work with them so that they last a moment or an entire month? Together we explore the texture, surprise, and the simple beauty of the produce that we use to fuel our minds. Chef: Kim Upsill

In on|off, CAMPers will become members of a 30-piece orchestra of homemade musical synthesizers. These simple but mighty devices are easy to use and offer infinite fun, noisy possibilities for sonic creations. In this workshop, composer Danny Clay will lead students through activities, performances, and meditations. Students will use the instruments to build their own sound installations, invent games, and create their own musical compositions. A Thingamakids project by Artist: Danny Clay


STart CAMP is open to CAMPers entering grades 1-5

Capacity: 45-48 CAMPers