Week 1 STart (June 18-22):

Three Esses: Sculpture, Sewing, Scores

Sculpture Roll up your sleeves, get out your test tubes and grab a paintbrush because all week long we are going to combine the wonderful world of Art and Science. Not all working artists today work in traditional mediums, join me for a week of experimentation as we create sculptures, paintings, food and more using scientific experiments and methods. This week we will collaboratively on a group project and also give wings to personal vision through our individual projects. It will be a week focused on building in an environment of fun experimentation. Emily Weiss

Beginning Sewing When you can sew, you can do anything!  This week CAMPers will learn how to sew by hand and/or by machine as they develop and complete 2-3 projects such as stuffies, aprons, tote bags. Our realm of possibilities is open to our imaginations. April Gavin

Thingamakids SINGfinity: Sound-games, Art-Scores, new ways of singing, and more!

There’s more to singing than merely memorizing melodies, and there’s more to writing music than the traditional lines and dots we usually think of. In this playful workshop, we’ll explore the infinity of sound we can create, using only our breath and our voice. We’ll also learn how to shape sound by creating playful musical art-scores. Over the course of the week, kids will create their very own sound scores, like a six-sided dice score that we’ll roll to determine which sounds to make next, or a deck of cards score that we’ll use to create different sound games with, …and more! Rae Diamond


STart CAMP is open to CAMPers entering grades 1-5

Capacity: 45-48 CAMPers