Why CAMP 510?

CAMP 510 was founded by two artist & maker mothers who believe that summer camp should be a magical place where children come to make, create, grow, play and share.

CAMP 510 is a one-of-a-kind experience. Our teachers are local artists, chefs, engineers, musicians, tinkerers, welders and makers who are passionate about their work. CAMP 510 invites these amazing people to teach what they love to do to your children. Consequently, our curriculum is not plug-and-play and our projects change every week and every year.

CAMP 510 is child-centered. This means we focus on the experience of our campers above all else. We put them at the center of all of our decisions: what projects we curate; what food we serve; how we think about and talk about our camp community; our rules and our rituals; even what music we play for a dance party!

CAMP 510 is small by design. Each project group has a maximum of 15-18 campers, and an average 1:5 ratio of staff to camper,* so every young maker has enough support and supervision to learn in a safe way, as well as ample space to create. Our schedule and size is balanced to meet their focus needs and abilities.

CAMP 510 CAMPers explore, practice and work with real tools and techniques, – from professional chef knives to mig welders, and glass cutters to hand saws (and a number of paintbrushes in between). In this environment, they are invited to solve problems creatively; to try and fail and try again; to work on their own, as well as collaboratively; to share their creative vision; and be a part of the community.

While making and creating in this process-emphacized environment, CAMPers build creative confidence, resilience, and a deep sense of their own power to influence their environment. And importantly, they have FUN!

After all, Summer CAMP is a time and place for children to have fun and meaningful experiences that stay with them for a lifetime.

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