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  • Week 1 XP1 (June 19 - 23): Cooking

    Cooking: The Upturned Table


    Come learn knife skills, flavor combinations, and general cooking mechanics, techniques and secrets, while exploring the whimsy of the imaginative palate! Burrito ravioli, bread pancakes and basil vanilla pudding cake - these are just a couple of dishes that have come about during previous summers in “The Upturned Table”, a week of cooking with a whimsical approach. Each CAMPer will be asked to bring family recipes from...

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  • Week 2 XP1 (June 26-30): Sewing

    Sewing and Garment Construction


    CAMPers disassemble old blue jeans to up-cycle into a myriad of projects. This will warm up our design muscles as we move onto garment construction. CAMPers create a custom garment based on their measurements. We’ll draft the pattern, create a muslin, and sew the final garment. This is also an open sewing studio for those interested in making complex bags, toys, and whatever else your imagination...

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  • Week 2 XP2 (June 26-30): Mosaics


    Contribute to the Oakland Mosaic Garbage can legacy! Campers will learn about mosaic tools, installation, and history of the Oakland mosaic garbage cans. We will apply the mosaic tiles to mosaic mesh in the classroom and on the final day install the mosaic on one of the city garbage cans in the surrounding neighborhood.

    Artist: Lena Toney


    15 spaces for CAMPers entering grades 5-8

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  • Week 3 XP1 (July 3-7): Girls Weld

    Girls Weld! Aerial Sculpture

    This summer’s Girls Weld! focuses on exploring and creating aerial sculpture.

    Our welders will then create and prototype their own sculptures before fabricating them in metal–using a wide range of techniques and tools including bending, shaping & cutting metal, and welding.

    CAMPers in this project will gain real exposure to welding and metal fabrication and will have the opportunity to use a plasma cutter, spot welder, mig welder as well as...

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  • Week 3 XP2 (July 3-7):

    3D Architectural Building CAMPers will learn about the built environment. Considering the key concepts include site, style, materials, and function, we will create drawings in perspective, design floor plans, and build 3-D models. Each CAMPer will design and build a scaled architectural model. CAMPers can also explore Catitecture; – working in teams to design, build, and decorate these fully functional Pawsome Palaces!

    Please Note! This is a 4-day camp week and the XP project will...

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  • Week 4 XP1 (July 10-14): Sewing

    Creative Characters

    Create your own fantastic characters and bring them to life. CAMPers will design and sew stuffed characters based on manga, anime, comic book characters, and our wide imaginations.

    Artist:Angie Wilson


    16 spaces for CAMPers entering grades 5-6

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  • Week 4 XP2 (July 10-14): Welding

    Welding: Complexity in Nature


    In this week-long intensive with Oakland-based master metal designer and fabricator, Doug Hellikson, CAMPers will learn and think about sculpture, design and metal fabrication through exploration of the complex geometry of nature.

    CAMPers create and prototype their unique nature-inspired sculptures, before fabricating them in metal. We will use a wide range of techniques and tools including bending, shaping & cutting metal, and welding. CAMPers in this project will...

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  • Week 5 XP1 (July 17-21): Stained Glass

    Stained Glass Window Studio


    Glass! Molten metal! Colored light! In this Glassworks XP with instructor Dave Dawson, CAMPers will be working with solder, patina, glass and copper to create free-hanging stained-glass windows of their own design. We will be doing the entire process - from drawing a pattern and choosing colors through cutting, taping, soldering patination and framing. CAMPers can expect to complete at least two windows - a simple introductory design...

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  • Week 5 XP2 (July 17-21): Interiors/Exteriors (Ceramics)



    CAMPers explore concepts of revealing and obscuring through mask-making or making a container for a special object.

    Masks have been used both to conceal the identity of the wearer and to connect the wearer to an aspirational power or characteristic. Vessels of all kinds have a dual potential as well. They can be repositories for secret or sacred objects whose outer markings tell the story of what they contain or...

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  • Week 6 XP1 (July 24-28): Cooking

    Iron Chef/Cooking


    Experience transformation, innovation and creativity through the bounty of summer food. CAMPers will learn to approach ingredients with confidence in this hands-on cooking class. They will develop knife skills, learn to balance flavors, adapt recipes from around the world, try new foods, and explore the chemical science mysteries of successful baking. The week will culminate with chef-teams drawing on their newly acquired knowledge and skills to create their own concoctions...

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  • Week 6 XP2 (July 24-28): Wood

    Table Shop


    Make a beautiful and useful piece of furniture! Learn about wood and woodworking! Campers in this XP will design, build, finish and take home a small wood table (end-table size). They will work with a range of tools, including a radial arm saw, sanders, biscuit cutters, drills, and clamps. The tables will be built from a variety of colorful hardwoods, selected and arranged by the campers. Note: This is...

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  • Wk7xp1



    We will merge the world of basic electronics and sound by creating projects involving light, environmental and mechanical sounds, and our ability to listen. First we will learn new skills including soldering, electronics, and learning to record unusual sounds that surround our everyday lives. By the end of the session, we will work in small groups to create an audio-visual collage based on our findings and set them in motion with...

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  • Week 8 XP2 (August 7-11): The Artist's Book

    The Artist’s Book

    In this XP program, we will create a collaborative book from start to finish. Yes! a book in one short session. From planning , content, illustration, author bios, binding, and finishing, CAMPers will create a unique and beautiful book.

    CAMPers will decide on a topic or theme, stories, poems, prose, graphic stories and then create their content. CAMPers will hand-write and -illustrate work that will then be digitally transcribed. We will carve...

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  • Week 8 XP1 (August 7-11): Music Video Re-Production

    Music Video Re-Production


    CAMPers will re-create a music video. The process of discovering, recreating and reverse-engineering complex editing processes seen in their favorite music videos can lead to deep learning and experimental storytelling. CAMPers will form small groups to create a small video production crew; developing the ability to work collaboratively as a team member is the most effective way to become a filmmaker. 

    Artist: Leila Weefur


    12 spaces for CAMPers...

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  • Week 9 XP1 (August 14-18):

    Art Can Change the World

    Together we will explore topics most important to each camper—the environment, equal rights, justice for all, peace, healing the planet—anything that spark our passionate engagement with the world. After defining some area of interest campers learn simple silk screen, hand sewing, wheat paste and stencil printing techniques to make flags, banners, posters, zines and buttons and patches that share their passionate interest with visual language.

    Artist: Alice Joanou



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