Week 3 XP1 (July 2-6):

Video: DIY Hollywood Scene

In this project, CAMPers collaborate in groups to recreate a movie scene. Each group chooses a scene from a big budget movie and actualize it using only cardboard and newspaper to design props and costumes. Collaborators study the chosen scene’s set design–which is the physical design of the shooting environment–to build the scene. Collaborators consider the narrative, how it could be re-imagined, and find solutions to create the scene with material and time available. CAMPers will perform their chosen scenes and capture the performance with a video camera.

CAMPers will learn about basic camera angles used to shoot scenes in a film, how different shots work together to form a clear story, and how to compose each shot in a way that tells the story best and make the video more engaging. Collaborators can create their scene on an already existing soundtrack, rewrite an existing soundtrack to produce a different message, or not use any soundtrack at all.

Artist: Merav Tzur


12 spaces for CAMPers entering grades 5-8