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Week 4 Start Camp - Capoeira, Cooking, and Can-jos!

Capoeira - Capoeira Capoeira is an Afro Brazilian Art form that combines Martial Arts/Dance/Gymnastics/Music and singing. CAMPers will get to let loose and take their shoes off (literally) while we explore this unique art form of Capoeira. We will be learning the fundamentals movements during this class in a fun environment. By the end of the week, your child will be fight/dancing, and doing cartwheels all the way home Capoeira Teacher: Contramestre Pincel

Cooking - In Kim's class the students will dive into the bounty of summer, focusing on seasonal, local produce. Together we will explore the ways flavors of specific vegetables can explode, recede, or change all together depending on how we play with them. We will also think about food over time: how did these fruits and vegetables come to be in our classroom and how can we work with them so that they last a moment or an entire month? We will work together and get curious about texture, flavor, and the simple beauty of the produce that we use. Artist: Kim Upstill

Canjos with Thingamakids! - Sure, we recycle our soda and soup cans, but we could be playing them! This workshop upcycles various food cans and other materials to create fun versions of various stringed instruments. For starters we have the humble single stringed “Can-jo”. On this instrument we build we will explore how to tune the instrument and how to play a pentatonic blues scale. Next we have a multi stringed “Tin-Uke” . The Tin-Uke has a more advanced tuning system using eye hook screws and has a bigger acoustic resonating chamber made from a tin container. On this instrument we will learn to play a few barre chords and simple strumming technique. For the older and more advanced students we will build a “Can-plifier” amp that uses a piezo pickup, a 9 volt battery, a simple small speaker cone, some wire, and a can as a resonator. This easy electric amplifier can be built without a soldering iron and can be used with the “Can-jo”, “Tin-Uke”, or any acoustic sound! A Thingamakids! project by Dan Bales