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Week 5 Start Camp - Harvesting Electrons, Hanky Panky, and Cooking

Harvesting Electrons - CAMPers will learn how to harness the power of Magnets and Electrons while exploring the wonderful worlds of Electricity, Basic Circuit Building, and Motors to create LED art and vibrating Robots. STARTers will also learn about alternative energy sources by feeding a bacteria battery and playing solar energy games. Artist: no.e Parker

Hanky Panky - Kick the kleenex habit and carry your own hankies. Using rubber blocks, styrofoam sheets, and found objects we will print on blank handkerchiefs with fabric paints and inks.  Artist: Anna Kingsley

Cooking - In Kim's class the students will dive into the bounty of summer, focusing on seasonal, local produce. Together we will explore the ways flavors of specific vegetables can explode, recede, or change all together depending on how we play with them. We will also think about food over time: how did these fruits and vegetables come to be in our classroom and how can we work with them so that they last a moment or an entire month? We will work together and get curious about texture, flavor, and the simple beauty of the produce that we use. Artist: Kim Upstill