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Week 6 Start Camp - Screen Printing, Cooking, Thingamakids!

Screen Printing - CAMPers will learn about the magical power of the sun! Using light sensitive emulsion, campers will coat, expose, and develop silk screens with their own creations and print multiples. At the end of the week each camper will make a work of art with a print of everyone's work! Artist: Selena Matranga

Cooking - In Kim's class the students will dive into the bounty of summer, focusing on seasonal, local produce. Together we will explore the ways flavors of specific vegetables can explode, recede, or change all together depending on how we play with them. We will also think about food over time: how did these fruits and vegetables come to be in our classroom and how can we work with them so that they last a moment or an entire month? We will work together and get curious about texture, flavor, and the simple beauty of the produce that we use. Artist: Kim Upstill

Thingamakids! - Combining music, art, and science, Thingamakids! campers will create their own wacky musical instruments from recycled objects. Through the trash-to-treasure process of instrument-building, CAMPers will learn about the science of sound and how work together to create musical games and compositions. CAMPers will bring their personalized instruments home at the end of the week. Artist: Teaching Artists from Thingamajigs, Camp 510’s partner organization.