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Week 2 Start Camp - Sewing, Experimental Video, Natural Music

Sewing - When you can sew, you can do anything!  This week CAMPers will learn how to sew by hand and/or by machine as they develop and complete 2-3 projects such as stuffies, aprons, tote bags. Our realm of possibilities is open to our imaginations. Artist: April Gavin

Experimental Video - CAMPers will work collaboratively and learn how to operate digital cameras, write, act, and edit their own experimental video. At the end of the week we will debut our work! Artist: Selena Matranga

Natural Music - Before plastics and metals, instruments were created from stone, wood and bone. In this week long journey through the soundscape of the the wilderness we will create instruments from raw natural materials and learn techniques for plucking, bowling, and rubbing these objects to produce a music that is intimately tied to the materials themselves, the landscape they come from, and our common source. We will create a visual score together as a way of organizing sounds into a piece of music that we will perform for everyone on Friday and take some time to practice our performance skills. Artist: David Samas from Thingamajigs, CAMP 510’s partner organization.