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Week 3 Start Camp - Draw Your Way!, Casting Candles, Thumb Pianos

Draw Your Way! - Learn to see objects and landscapes with new eyes as we explore bold mark making, fearless interpretation, and non judgmental presentation of our work. Artist: Anna Kingsley

Casting Candles - This week is about preserving memories through light and time. CAMPers will choose or make a small object, and create a silicone mold to pour beeswax into for candle making. At the end of the week we will install our magical candles for everyone to see. Artist: Selena Matranga

Thumb Pianos with Thingamakids! - Combining music, art, and science, Thingamakids! campers will create their own wacky musical instruments from recycled objects. Through the trash-to-treasure process of instrument-building, CAMPers will learn about the science of sound and how work together to create musical games and compositions. CAMPers will bring their personalized instruments home at the end of the week. Artist: Teaching Artists from Thingamajigs, Camp 510’s partner organization.

***Week 3 is a four day camp week. CAMP 510 will be closed on Thursday, July 4th.***