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Week 7 Start Camp - Sewing, Capoeira, Thingamakids!

Sewing - When you can sew, you can do anything!  This week CAMPers will learn how to sew by hand and/or by machine as they develop and complete 2-3 projects such as stuffies, aprons, tote bags. Our realm of possibilities is open to our imaginations. Artist: April Gavin

Capoeira - Capoeira is an Afro Brazilian Art form that combines Martial Arts/Dance/Gymnastics/Music and singing. CAMPers will get to let loose and take their shoes off (literally) while we explore this unique art form of Capoeira. We will be learning the fundamentals movements during this class in a fun environment. By the end of the week, your child will be fight/dancing, and doing cartwheels all the way home. Capoeira Teacher: Contramestre Pincel

Thingamakids! - Combining music, art, and science, Thingamakids! campers will create their own wacky musical instruments from recycled objects. Through the trash-to-treasure process of instrument-building, CAMPers will learn about the science of sound and how work together to create musical games and compositions. CAMPers will bring their personalized instruments home at the end of the week. Artist: Teaching Artists from Thingamajigs, Camp 510’s partner organization.