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Week 7 XP Camp B - Stained Glass

Design and make your own beautiful stained glass windows! Make your own or choose a traditional pattern, and learn about the elements of a strong design. Campers will learn all they need to make a pattern, cut and grind beautiful, colored glass, solder, and frame up a finished piece. Campers will start with a small project to learn the techniques and then move on to a larger, more complex design of their own creation. Always popular at CAMP 510, stained glass is an age-old technique that teachers campers about art and design as well as craftsmanship. If you haven’t tried Stained Glass before this is a great beginning, and if you have, this is a chance to go deeper and work on more ambitious projects and refine your skills. Artist: Melinda Grey


15 spaces for CAMPers entering grades 6-8