Counselor-in-Training /Junior Counselor Applications

What is a J.C.? J.C.s are Junior Counselors. The Junior Counselor program allows young adults  between the ages of 13-15 years old the opportunity to develop their leadership skills as they assist camp staff in daily operations of camp. This role is an important one! J.C.s are instrumental in connecting with and helping younger kids in any and all areas in which they need support (making art, making friends, transitioning, etc.). J.C.s must be both self-starters and willing to take direction. Our Junior Counselors are included in all aspects of CAMP, and as such, have the chance to develop fun new skills (creating, making, tinkering, growing, cooking and sharing - in addition to communication, conflict resolution, problem-solving, project leadership...). J.C.s will also have the opportunity to prepare food and help with community food socials; as well as teach games and creative pro jects to campers.

Who can apply for as a Junior Counselor at CAMP 510? Any student in grades 7 through 11 can apply for the Junior Counselor program. While Junior Counselors typically are 13-15 years old, we prefer any teen - especially those still gathering work experience - to begin as a J.C. before moving into the more demanding role of Counselor.

Why should I apply? The J.C. program is fun and rewarding! Not only will you be involved in camp activities, you’ll serve as a role model for young campers. If chosen to be a J.C., you will build relationships that last a lifetime; while also strengthening your leadership abilities and developing valuable job skills. (And did we mention how much fun it is?)

How does the application process work for becoming a J.C.? Everyone interested in becoming a J.C. must complete an application. All applications for the Counselor and Junior Counselor Programs are due on or before Monday, April 8, 2019. All applicants will be interviewed by phone. Interviews begin on a rolling basis as applications are turned in and will continue as needed through May 19, 2019. All participants will receive a written or emailed letter about their acceptance into the J.C. program after the interview process which will include registration information, a manual, registration codes and what sessions they have been chosen to register for. There will be a mandatory orientation session on June 15, 2019.

What are the fees for being a J.C.? The CAMP 510 fees for this program are $100 per week. Any J.C. who can successfully complete 3 or more weeks with CAMP 510 will also receive a stipend at the end of their last week.